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Is designed for vehicles with an Engine Management system (EMS). The vehicle usually has an electronic accelerator pedal (i.e. without a mechanical throttle linkage), which are now coming onto the market in increasing numbers.

The SSN TECHNOLOGIES system’s electronic control unit (ECU) receives frequency signals while the vehicle is moving. At a pre-set frequency, which may be the legal maximum speed or the vehicle operator’s required set speed, the ECU transmits a signal to the EMS controlling the top speed.


Speed Limiter of ECU

The Speed Limiter is based on the Fuel management system that used to control the speed of the vehicle. Electronic Control Unit (E

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Quality Policy of SSN

SSN TECHNOLOGIES is ISO 9001-2015 certified by TUV. SSN TECHNOLOGIES is committed to align the operating environment of the organi

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Speed Governor key feature

Reduce accidents Reduce maintenance costs & long life Reduce fuel costs by lowering fuel consumption Deal for all climate cond

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